Customizable software for transport management


These and other questions can arise when you decide to join the MTS network and start selling online.
Infoservice offers customizable software for transport management based on your needs.

What if my organization wants “proprietary” software? Without the LinkAvel logo but the company logo?
If we were a group and everyone had different needs?
What if we need to manage the business differently? With particular workflows for travel and / or reports?

Why realize a customizable software?

Except for accounting, there is no software that meets the needs of all companies! Only the customized and quality software allows you to have a system that satisfies 100% of your needs.

Types of MTS customization

MyTicketSolution can be customized first of all in the graphic layout in particular:

  • Possibility to choose the color of the search box to put on your website. Also a transparent box that can be superimposed on an image
  • Custom landing page in the elements present and in the menu
    PDF of the ticket issued with exclusive elements chosen by your organization (size of logos, text …)
  • As for the functionality of the application for a solution created especially for you:
  • dedicated features
  • customized packages
  • customized or simplified options
  • an external walkway to other software. Possibility of developing WebAPI as needed.

Here our realized projects

Infoservice has been operating in the professional IT sector for over 20 years and has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information!

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