For the management of routes, fleet and schedules, MTS includes a web application that is able to model the system on your own corporate structure and organization.

In addition to the configuration, it has search and reporting functionalities through which analyze tickets sold and revenues, with the possibility to export the results in CSV/Excel or use it through special Web API.

Furthrmore, the application enables the creation and management of users and roles, to allow access to certain sections of the backoffice only to authorized users.


• Business management
• Modelling of the routes and stops 
• Management of fares for: 
  ◦ One way tickets
  ◦ Round trip tickets, full and special fare
  ◦ Subscriptions
  ◦ Carnet tickets
  ◦ Optional services

• Management of additional optional services
  ◦ Luggage 
  ◦ Pets
  ◦ Package delivery Etc.
• Routes management 
• Fleet management for type, identification and available seats
• Assignment of means of transport at the trips
• Management of payment systems 
• Viewing Reports
• Data export
• Exceptions Handling
• Management of policy for rebooking and refund for cancellation of the trip
• Checking tickets