Electronic ticketing software for bus companies, trains, ferries ...


Electronic ticketing software for bus companies, trains, ferries ...

MTS is a simple and intuitive online ticketing software

MyTicketSolution (MTS) is an online service for selling and managing travel tickets. It allows the management of lines and the sale of travel tickets through 4 sales channels.

What is MTS

MyTicketSolution (MTS) is dedicated to public and private passenger transport companies, to configure their business in complete autonomy. MTS meets the needs of transport companies to provide themselves with a fast, inexpensive and always up-to-date system for the sale of own travel tickets online and increase their visibility on the web.

MTS is a powerful and fast system for selling your tickets, booklets, subscriptions online, without having to make any initial investment in hardware or software equipment.

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Powerful system for line configuration and modeling software

App for use by on-board operators for passenger management

Websites for the sale of direct TDV and / or through resellers


MyTicketSolution (MTS) is an online service for selling and managing travel tickets.

Dedicated to passenger transport companies, to configure their business in complete autonomy.

Web App & Mobile

Sell ​​online immediately via 4 sales channels. Responsive, functional and customizable.

Safe payments

Payment by credit card, paypal … Direct credit on the carrier’s banking gateway

Full assistance

Simple start up and on the job training. Operator support guaranteed by the customer care team

Powerful Software

The Infoservice development team is constantly looking for innovative solutions and software updates

Performance monitoring

Downloadable reports in real time to monitor your business conveniently remotely

Integration with external systems

MTS is a system open to integration with third-party software thanks to WebAPIs


user-friendly website

  • customizable E-commerce
  • Customizable travel search box to fit with your website

Responsive website and viewable from any device

Smart Device


  • Fast and intuitive sales on board with or without seat selection
  • Display of available trips and passenger list
  • Search for tickets with PNR
  • Connect to portable printers
  • Verification and Endorsement of travel tickets with QR code or PNR

Smart Device


  • Nessuna perdita di dati con il salvataggio in locale
  • Sincronizzazione di tutti i dati al ritorno online
  • Stesse funzionalità della versione online

LinkAvel Resellers


  • Online Access

    Resellers access to back-end directly from e-commerce with personalized credentials

  • Synchronized system

    Each operation is synchronized in real time with the Backoffice and the App

  • Smart Wallet Functionality 

Detailed menu of operations: ticket purchase, booking change, book management, ticket integration, etc. Management of sales reports, ticket store, billing.

Choice of payment method for resellers:

  • immediate with credit card
  • by bank transfer at the end of the month
  • immediately with recharge of Smart Wallet

Backoffice MTS


  • Creation of stops with georeferencing or without
  • Configuration Layout of vehicles with numbered seats and services
  • Tariffs: management and creation
  • Resales Activation
    with customizable commissions

Backoffice MTS


  • Definition of users and roles
    logins with credentials and differentiated views
  • Lines and runs configuration
  • Trip calendar
  • Tickets management: booking and subsequent collection – sale – exchange – refund
  • PNR search and ticket data management
  • Information extractions through CSV / Excel or web API files for statistics and forecasts

About us

Infoservice, founded 20 years ago, is an IT consulting and software company that develops solutions for companies and public administration.

Its service range includes: informative systems, collaboration portals, office automation and knowledge management platforms, particularly on Microsoft Windows SharePoint.
To this, it adds an extensive experience in designing, building and managing network architectures, wireless networks and advanced VOIP systems.

Always seeking the latest technologies, Infoservice develops cloud based solutions on Windows Azure.

More about us at our website www.infos.it


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e-mail  info@myticketsolution.com |PEC infoservice@mypec.eu

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